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     Hello, I am Yavuz Demirci, Founder of Raya Mimarlık.

      After graduating from the Department of Architectur Trakya University Faculty of Engineering

     i began to master education abroad, then leaving half my master studies for my military service, I returned to Turkey in Istanbul began to Architectural Services.

        As RaYa Architecture we have licensed many projects until now. We built many projects ourselves. Raya continues to do Architectural, Engineering and Technical Staff and Architectural Projects, Licenses, Visualization, Construction, Contracting, etc.

Beylikdüzü centered employee Raya Architecture provides architecture and construction services to istanbul and surrounding areas.

     RA-Ya which is from the head syllable of the RAYA comes from Turkish comfortable life . So, if the 21st century architecture is far from all obsessions and only humanity requires, we are carrying out our designs and constructions by acting with an understanding of architecture that makes the line design.

Please come to our company to get to know us more closely.

Mimar.Yavuz DEMİRCİ

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